Anual Percentage Rate:
This is a percentage rate of the total cost of a loan (along with all costs, interest charges and arrangement fees included).

Sale of property to the highest bidder, who, on winning the bid is legally bound to buy the home. It is important to have your mortgage approved and 10% of purchase price ready to pay completion of bidding.
  Bringing Loan:
This is a temporary loan provided to you in a situation where you wish to buy a property before you have sold your own.
This is an independent agent who will advise you on the best mortgages available and help you put one in place if you so wish, and are paid by the financial institution.
  Building Survey:
This is a survey carried out on a property – it is advisable to anybody looking to purchase property – whether the house is new or old. It will provide you with a detailed report on the property including any problems there may be.
  Capital Gains Tax:
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is chargeable on gains arising on the disposal of assets, other than that part of a gain which arose in the period prior to 6 April 1974. Any form of property (other than Irish currency) including an interest in property (as, for example, a lease) is an asset for CGT purposes. A gain on the disposal of a principal private residence including grounds of up to one acre is exempt, provided the house had been occupied by the individual as his/her only or main residence during the individual’s period of ownership.
  Contents Insurance:
This is insurance which covers the loss of or damage to your possessions within the property (often taken out as part of building insurance).
This is all the legal work to be carried out in either the sale or the purchase of a property. Carried out by a solicitor or licensed conveyancer.
These are the regulations governing the property and contained in its title deeds or lease.